Role of Physiotherapy and Yoga in cardiac rehab

Returning to good physical health and body condition is the key to rehabilitate as well as prevent further cardiac events for people. The most important complaint that any person after a heart attack may have is “I can walk/work/do things as I used to before”.

A single exercise regimen cannot be advised for all types of heart attack, post- angioplasty and postbypass surgery patients. Importantly the exercise regimen and intensity cannot be the same for a 35- year-old and a 70-year-old person; likewise, not the same for a 50-year-old male versus female. Therefore, the role of a personal physiotherapist and trainer under the backup of a cardiologist is of extreme importance. Graded exercises need close supervision and once adequate training has been given, people can do the most part of their future activities at home with brief visits when needed. These exercise sessions need to be catered and modified to the needs and practical requirements of each person.

The advantages of yoga run broad and deep. Yoga has a positive effect for many aspects’ cardiac treatment as few among which are reduction blood pressure, mental stress and improved quality of life.