Depression is a mental health disorder. Basically, depression is characterized by the mood swings and loss of interest in every day to day life. People suffering from depression are always sad. Commonly an average depressive episode lasts up to 6-8 months. Thus depression is a persistent problem and not one which gets cured. Such a mood of mind could affect a person’s thoughts, activities, behaviour, feelings, and sense of well being. One of the main causes of depression is the loss of a loved one in life. Sometimes depression occurs due to the side effect of some drugs and medical treatments, and also symptoms of some physical diseases.

psychologist in calicut

psychologist in Calicut

-the depressed mood which is the main symptom.
-loss of interest or reduced pleasure in which he/she had already enjoyed previously a lot.
-loss of sexual desires.
-sudden loss of weight (without dieting) and loss of appetite.
-insomnia (sleeping difficulty) or hypersomnia (excessive sleeping).
-psychomotor agitation (restlessness, pacing up and down) or psychomotor retardation (slowed movements and speech).
-feelings of worthlessness or guilt are developed.
-worsened ability to think, make decisions or to concentrate.
-suicide attempt or frequent thoughts of death and suicide.

People suffering from depression are always sad, anxious, or empty. Depressed people may feel dejected, hopeless, helpless, or even worthless. Senses of guilt, anger or irritability occur in such persons. Feeling ashamed or getting restlessness are the other symptoms shown by such persons. Such people may get a feeling of getting bored easily on once pleasurably done matters in family and society. These persons may suffer from forgetting even the general facts or details of most needed things, otherwise, they may suffer from confusion on making decisions, or may experience relationship difficulties. Depressed persons with such symptoms may attempt or commit suicide.

psychologist in calicut

psychologist in calicut

Depressed mood may not always require professional help as it may occur due to the side effect of some medical treatments or symptoms of some physical diseases. The depressed mood could adversely affect one’s mental health too. Depression may occur due to several factors. Life events such as neglect, bereavement, mental/physical/sexual abuse may pave the way to depression in children during their adulthood. Other such life events which can cause depression are childbirth, menopause, unemployment, financial difficulties, stress, loss of loved ones and so on.

psycologist in calicut

psychologist in Calicut

Concluding, depression is such a serious issue if not treated well. There are a lot of causes for depression. The mental state of a person is adversely affected by this. Treatments could be done in many ways. Love and affection are needed in excess for such kind of persons. By considering the symptoms at early stages, depression can be handled effectively.

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