Rhinoplasty is the plastic surgery for rectifying problems related to the nose. It is also known as “nose job”. It involves modifying the cartilage or bone in the nose. Mainly there are two types of nose jobs called reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. This article will help you to gather information related to Rhinoplasty.

 Reconstructive surgery:

Reconstructive surgery is carried out to correct any defects, which is present from birth or caused by any accidents. Many suffer from breathing problems associated with the deviation of the nasal septum. This can be corrected using reconstructive surgery and you can get rid of the breathing difficulty that haunted you for a long time.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is used to improve the structure of your nose to enhance the overall beauty. Level and perception of beauty changes from people to people and you should learn to live happily with what you have. Nevertheless, if any of your features reduce your confidence in a severe way you have to think about the techniques available to alter it. Medical science has grown enough to give solutions to almost all the problems.

What can be corrected using rhinoplasty?

There are several defects in the nose, which can cause trouble in any biological processes or troubles your appearance. Common problems solved using rhinoplasty is

  • Nasal septum deviation
  • Injury
  • Nasal bumps
  • Narrow nostril width
  • Sinus condition
  • An improper angle between mouth and nose
  • Any birth defects, which harms your appearance in an intense way.
  • Strengthening the nose bridge.

What are the preparations?

  • Think about it: If you are going for reconstructive surgery, you do not have to think much but it is not the same in the case of cosmetic surgery. There is no coming back to your original look so be careful while taking such decisions.
  • Be clear about your expectations: when you consult a doctor, the first thing he will ask is about your expectations. Most of the hospitals will use computers to show you the after-surgery look and this will help you to modify your expectation if necessary.
  • Find the best place to undergo the treatment: search of the best hospitals in your town. The surgery is not too complex but too sensitive in the case of results.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and stop smoking: drinking as well as smoking reduce the rate of healing. Say no to alcohol and cigarette at least before one week.

What are the procedures?

Rhinoplasty is a minor surgery and sometimes carried out as an outpatient procedure. The doctor will give local or general anaesthesia. Your surgeon makes an incision at the nostril or between the nostrils. Cartilage or bone is modified after removing the skin layer. An extra piece of cartilage is taken from any other part of your body if the modification is demanded.

Post-surgical cares

In most of the cases, you can leave the hospitals after few hours of the surgery. In the case of complex surgeries, you may be asked to stay. A splint is placed in your nose to ensure the perfect shape of the nose. You should keep your head above the chest level to avoid bleeding.


  • Change your drip pad per day
  • Stay in a place without excess sunlight
  • consume fibre-rich food to avoid constipation
  • Stay inside your place until the marks are undetectable.



  • Do not do any intense physical activities.
  • Do not chew excessively
  • Do not talk continuously
  • Do not pull your clothes through face

Thinks to consider before going for the surgery

If you are going for cosmetic Rhinoplasty, you will need to wait until your nose bone is grown properly. For a woman, the age is 15 while for men it is 16 and above. However, if the problem is related to breathing impairment surgery has to be carried out at a younger age. Use the available techniques wisely.


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