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Whenever we discuss plastic surgery we think about someone who had undergone cosmetic surgery to beautify there face or other body parts, but plastic surgery is much more than that. Plastic surgery has been the main saviour for many people to recover from severe burns, trauma, and an accident. Before going in detail about plastic surgery, we should know some basics about the surgery. This article will help you in gaining an idea about the surgical method.

What is a plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is nothing but a surgical method used to repair, reconstruct or replace the body tissue. Plastic surgery helps to change someone’s ability to function in a particular way or to modify someone in there looks.

Why is the surgery named as plastic surgery?

For us, the term plastic is the synthetic polymer we use on a regular basis. Therefore, we get confused with the term “plastic surgery”. Do not think the surgery results in replacing body parts with a synthetic plastic. There is no relationship with our plastic and plastic surgery but both the terms are originated from a Greek word “Plastic’s” which means to “mould or form”.

What are the types of plastic surgery?

There are mainly to types of plastic surgery.

  1. Reconstructive surgery: As the name says, it is the reconstruction of lost or damaged tissue due to any accidents or due to any birth defect. The defect, which stops you in functioning normally, is corrected using reconstructive surgery.
  2. Cosmetic surgery: cosmetic surgery is nothing but altering a body part of a person when he or she is not satisfied with it. Usually, cosmetic surgery is used to beautify any body feature, to enlarge any body parts like breast, to remove extra fat (liposuction).


What can be corrected by reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is a repairing surgery used to repair any body tissue and carried out on a newborn baby to an elder person. There are different conditions being corrected using reconstructive surgery and they are mainly categorized into two classes.

  1. Congenital conditions: congenital conditions are birth defects present in a newborn. Main congenital conditions are as follows.
  • Cleft palate and lip
  • Vascular deformations
  • Microtia
  • Prominent or constricted ears
  • Congenital cancers
  • Craniofacial anomalies
  • Defects of limb
  • Hypospadias


  1. Acquired conditions: this category includes conditions we develop after birth and it is the common application of reconstructive plastic surgery and a life-changing milestone for many patients. Main acquired conditions include


  • Burns
  • Accidents
  • Wounds
  • Infection
  • Post-cancer treatment

How a reconstructive surgery is carried out?


Usually, a plastic surgery is involved in taking a tissue from one body part and transfer to another part of the body. There are several techniques followed

  • Skin graft: In this method, a patch of skin is extracted from a donor site and transferred to another body part where the skin is damaged. Blood vessels beneath the skin are not transferred along with the skin graft. Blood vessels are made to grow into the skin at the donor site.
  • Tissue expansion: this method involves the formation of the skin by the tissue when the skin is damaged. A device known as the expander is placed in the tissue to be repaired and salt water is gradually added to the device. This leads to the stretching and growth of the skin tissue.
  • Flap surgery: unlike skin graft flap surgery grafts contains its own blood vessels. This method is mainly used when the damage is severe. Flap surgery can be carried out to repair muscle, fat tissue and skin.

What are the advantages of reconstructive surgery?


Reconstructive surgery is used to treat any damage after the normal healing. It is the best solution for someone who had undergone breast removal after breast cancer. It helps people with gynecomastia to remove their extra-sized breast. A scar or mark of burn can be corrected using reconstructive surgery where there is no other technique available to help you. Hence Reconstructive surgery has become an important part of modern medicine.


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