Cosmetic and Esthetic Surgery


What is a cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery is a surgical method used to change the overall appearance of a person by reshaping an existing feature through surgery. Surgery can vary from a simple minimal invasive surgery to complex surgery lasting for hours.

What is the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery?

Plastic surgery is broadly classified into cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery is a method that helps to modify any part of the body. If the surgery is carried out to correct a problem due to any accidents or due to any birth defects, then the surgery is reconstructive. Reconstructive surgery brings back a normal functioning body. This is helpful in the case of burns, accidents, severe birth defects etc. while cosmetic surgery is used to enhance the look of a person if they are not satisfied with their appearance. If the reconstruction is done in the face the plastic surgeon seeks the help of a cosmetic surgeon.

What should I do if I need a cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery has been a fashion of the world for the past decades. Other than being confident in own looks people has a tendency to change their appearance to boost confidence. Therefore, the first step before going for the surgery is to sit and think about you. Do you really need the surgery? There are conditions at which you lost complete confidence associated with a change in any body part. If you are very much sure about the surgery then consult a cosmetic surgeon.

What are the procedures of cosmetic surgery?

As the first step doctor talks to you to understand your expectations and needs. The changes brought in the surgery are permanent and it has to be dealt with caution. The doctor may refer for counseling if the person has symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Syndrome (BDS). BDS is a serious condition where a person perceives that there is a serious problem in their appearance. If everything is normal doctor will prescribe cosmetic surgery.

What are the methods for cosmetic surgery?

There are different methods from simple chemical peels to major surgeries like rhinoplasty.

  • Chemical peels: it is performed to correct the issues related to acne, scars or wrinkles. Chemicals are injected to different levels of skin based on the needs.
  • Fillers: these are the medical devices to provide a smoother look to the face. This can also be used to cure acne and wrinkles. Fillers are temporary implants and you may need to repeat the surgery.
  • Fat injection: fat is taken from one part of the body of the patient and injected to another part to be enhanced. Fat is taken through liposuction and this helps in reducing fat from one area of the body.
  • Laser treatment: ¬†Beam of light is used to correct the wrinkles, sunburns, marks etc.


What are the surgeries performed in cosmetic surgery?


  • Breast surgery:
  1. Breast augmentation: it is used to increase the size of the breast through fat grafting. This is helpful for patients whose breast has been removed due to breast cancer.
  2. Best reduction in men and women: gynecomastia can lead to enlarged mammary glands in men. Excess fat deposition can increase the size of breast in women as well. Both the problems can be treated through cosmetic surgery.
  • Liposuction:

It is a common fat removing technique performed to remove excess fat, which ruins the shape of the body. This involves the suction of fat through mechanical or laser devices.

  • Tummy tuck: involves tightening of abdominal muscles along with the removal of excess fat. This is helpful in reshaping your tummy after delivery.
  • Butt lifting: increasing the size of but by fat implantation.
  • Facial cosmetic surgery:
  1. Eyelid surgery: involves the tightening of skin and muscle around the eyelid and this helps in regaining the normal posture of eyelids.
  2. Rhinoplasty: The shaping of the nose.
  3. Otoplasty: Modification of ear usually the ear pinna.
  4. Rhytidectomy: Commonly known as the facelift. The is the surgical solution for wrinkles related issues.


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