Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Our physiatrists at Malabar Hospitals are trained specialists who provide excellent treatment from lower back pain to more complex conditions such as spine injury.
At Malabar Hospitals the physical medicine department provides scientific non-operative management of pain based on diagnosis with suitable combination of exercises, physiotherapy & low dose drugs. Besides this patient education including body mechanics & related aspects of ergonomics are imparted to prevent recurrence of pain. We are dedicated to provide advanced rehabilitation & also excellent patient care & support.
Our consultants develop pain management strategies & treatments & also works in providing you freedom from your disabilities to return to your daily life, work,family & friends.

Services & treatment

  • Low back pain clinic
  • Post Natal fitness & Obesity clinic
  • Bladder rehabilitation clinic
  • Neuro rehabilitation clinic;
      1. 1) Spinal cord rehabilitation clinic
      1. 2) Stroke Rehabilitation clinic
  • Childhood disability clinic
  • Prosthetic & ortholic clinic

Our Doctors

Dr. Sanjitha Narayanan
Mon - Sat, 11 am - 1.30 pm
Dr. Kesavaram
Mon - Sat, 9.30 am - 4 pm

24hr HELPLINE NUMBER: 9745323232|7561010101