Dialysis Unit

The Renal dialysis unit Malabar Hospitals provide dedicated & compassionate care for all patients undergoing dialysis at different stages of kidney failure.
Dialysis is a life saving procedure which is performed to patients whose kidneys fail to filter waste & extra fluids from the blood from building up in the body. This treatment procedure is undertaken when your own kidneys fail to take care of your body needs. Renal Dialysis prevents the build up of wastes that can be poisonous to human body.
At Malabar Hospitals we provide both Hemodialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis. In hemodialysis a hemodializer is used to remove waste & toxins & excess fluid from the blood. Whereas in peritonial Dialysis, blood is cleaned from inside the body itself, but dialysis does not cure kidney disease.
The Dialysis department of Malabar Hospitals strives to provide best medical care to the patients & are made to feel as comfortable as possible.


24hr HELPLINE NUMBER: 9745323232|7561010101