The word Andology comes from Andro=male and logy=study. Andrology is the study of the human male. Department of Andrology at Malabar Hospitals is the medical speciality which deals with male health.

At Malabar Hospitals, we provide a combined service of Urology and Andrology .Andrologists are doctors who take care sexual health of the individual. Andrologists at Malabar hospitals provide treatment for infertility as well as Impotence.

At Malabar Hospitals we offer comprehensive Andrology services through our Consultant Andrologists. Several factors affect male sexuality and infertility. Andrologists at Malabar hospitals also provide treatment for undescended testis, also for injuries and ailments that can affect male fertility or sexuality. There are also few other factors that affect the sexual health of males. Some of such factors are diseases related to heart, Hyper Tension, Kidney failure. Our Andrologists at Malabar Hospitals starts the treatment after evaluating all the factors causing impotency and infertility problems. Counselling, Medical care, surgery is used for treatment as per the diagnosis.


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