Penile disorders

Different kinds of conditions can affect the normal functioning of a penis. Many of the conditions when left untreated result in major genital infections. Many men are not educated properly about the health of their own body parts, especially about the genital organs. When people experience a disturbance in the genital parts they keep it a secret. The first thing we need to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed about the diseases that affect sex organs. Ignorance to such situations can lead to a serious health condition. Therefore, the only thing we can do is to take proper care of the sex organs especially in hygiene. Sex organ is like any other organ in the body; you do not have to hide the disorders related to the penis. Do share your problems with your partner or elders who can help you in the situation. It is too important to maintain proper health of your penis since it affects your sexual life as well as your social life.
When to consult a doctor?
• Pain and itching in the penis
• Abnormal discharge from the penis
• Presence of blood in urine or semen
• Persistence of erection for 4 hours or longer
• Presence of blisters, sores or rashes on the penis.
• Swelling or inflammation of the penis
Most of the problems can be cured by good hygiene but when you are unable to get rid of the symptoms you have to consult a doctor.
Common penile disorders

• Bumpy penis: This is a usual situation, but this can also irritate you badly. Most common causes of the bump are the lack of hygiene or allergic reaction towards soap or your inner wears.
• Delayed ejaculation: It is good if you can last a long but not good when it last too long. If you are not able to ejaculate after 30 minutes after erection, most probably you have delayed ejaculation. This can be due to anxiety, pressure, thyroid hormone imbalance, some medications etc.
• Premature ejaculation: associated with the ejaculation just after erection or when you do not desire for it. This can seriously affect your sexual life as well as your partner. This can be cured by some exercises suggested by your physician.
• Priapism: A persisting painful erection of the penis that lasts for 4 hours or more.
• Paraphimosis: This condition is associated with the sticking of for skin at the tip of the penis once retracted. If left untreated this causes several complications
• Peyronie’s disease: Bending of the penis due to the formation of a plaque on it. Men with these disorder face difficulties or impossible to have sexual intercourse.
• Balanitis: An inflammation or infection of the head of the penis
• Phimosis: This condition is associated with a tight foreskin, which cannot be pulled back from the head of the penis.
• Penile cancer: The type of cancer that affects the skin of the penis.
Precautions to take
• Clean your genitalia using soap any other disinfectant at least twice per day.
• Wash and dry your inner wears in a safe place.
• Avoid wearing tight dresses.
• Do not use any products such as inner wears, soaps or anything that causes irritation to your penis.
• Consuming alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction. Drinking before sex can make you confident but the fact is that your blood flow towards the penis reduces and this causes erectile dysfunction.
• Reduce stress and anxiety as much as possible because neither of them has been good to anybody.
There are no problems without a solution. Face and deal with the problems because it is natural and nothing to be ashamed.

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