Calcium oxalate is the mineral responsible for kidney stone formation.Earlier it gets accumulated as tiny crystals.Later these salts get bound together and further forms a stone.The calcium oxalate along with other similar minerals in the waste to be expelled not always becomes a stone but the tiny ones get expelled from the body through urine.Sometimes it may develop to stones and create hindrance in the ureter tube connecting the kidney to the urinary bladder.

The kidney stones can even grow up to the size of a golf ball in crystalline form.The stone will create severe pain due to the blocks occurring in the walls of the ureter and urinary bladder.Kidney stones could even lead to severe diseases such as chronic kidney disease.

There are some factors that increase risk of stone formation;

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By the effect of some foods, the urine may get super-saturated due to uric acid.Supersaturation is a condition in which the urine may get saturated with more minerals than with more fluid in it.This is the main reason behind stone formation.Dehydration is formed due to insufficient intake of fluid, which in turn causes supersaturation.


Another factor responsible for stone formation is the lack of necessary stone inhibitors.The stone inhibitors mainly focus on the function of slowing down and inhibiting the process of stone formation.Thus preventing accumulation of crystals to stones.


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Kidney Stones

3.Health and diet:

Use of some medicines can also lead to kidney stone.Side effects of some medications could result in this.Overweight could also lead to stone formation.Diet could severely affect health. Intake of food having high animal protein and insufficient drinking water could develop stones in kidney.

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kidney stone


1.The best way to get avoid of kidney stones are by keeping the body hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

2.Include calcium-oxalate rich food in the diet.This could easily prevent the binding of each salt separately to the walls of stomach and intestines.

3.Instead of cutting calcium-rich food in the diet, cutting sodium in food is better.

4.Limeade, lemonade and other fruit juices could prevent stone formation up to an extent.

5.Cutting down on high-purine foods in diet could reduce the risk of forming stones by the accumulation of uric acid salt.Instead of using red meat, organ meat, shellfish, including food items such as vegetables, fruits, grains, low-fat dairy products in a healthy diet.

6.The content of sugar in food should be controlled.Food containing high fructose corn syrup should be limited.

7.Limit the consumption of alcohol.This could reduce the intake of uric acid in food.

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