Effects Of High Blood Pressure on Kidneys

Kidneys and circulatory system are very much interdependent.By the use of blood vessels kidneys filters wastes and other fluids on blood.Whenever the blood vessels get damaged, the necessary oxygen and other nutrients required for the functioning of nephrons are obstructed.Thus high blood pressure becomes the second major cause of kidney diseases.
High blood pressure causes the blood to flow swiftly.This could develop scars on the walls of blood vessels thus leading to the dysfunctioning of kidneys.Thus when the blood vessels slow down its function, the function of kidneys to filter wastes get reduced.And this could eventually lead to the extra pressure made by the unfiltered fluids present in the blood

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Normally high blood pressure does not show any symptoms.But in very rare situations, high blood pressure may cause headaches.
Kidney diseases also do not show any such signs from earlier.But in certain cases, a condition named oedema may occur in kidney patients.This is because when the kidneys have no choice to get rid of unnecessary fluids and salts.Oedema is commonly seen in legs, feet, or ankles or rarely occur even in faces and hands.The other symptoms are appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, trouble concentrating, sleep problems, increased or decreased urination, generalized itching or numbness, dry skin, headaches, weight loss, darkened skin, muscle cramps, shortness of breath and chest pain.


When the blood pressure is checked, there are certain levels to be maintained throughout the life.The systolic blood pressure at a level above 140 & diastolic blood pressure above a level of 90 is considered as high blood pressure levels. Kidney diseases are mainly diagnosed by urine and blood tests.

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1.The dipstick test for albumin: The dipstick test could easily detect the presence of albumin in urine.When the kidneys get damaged a protein named albumin in blood is passed on to urine.For the test, the urine sample of the patients is collected in special containers and are tested on spot or send to labs for analysis.Dipstick, a chemically treated paper is dipped in the urine sample and is kept for further analysis.Whenever the colour of urine sample got changed the presence of blood or other proteins could be detected in urine.
2.Urine albumin-creatinine ratio: By knowing the albumin-creatinine measurement, the albumin-creatinine ratio could be detected by the health care providers.Creatinine is basically a waste product present in blood which is filtered by the kidneys to the urine.Whenever the level of urine albumin-creatinine ratio is exceeded beyond 30 mg/g, it shows the sign of kidney disease.

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For the blood test, the blood is collected by the health care providers and analysed in the lab.They estimate the rate of how much blood is filtered by the kidneys each minute.This is called the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR).Different rates of eGFR indicates the different ranges of kidney health such as;
-eGFR is 60 or more shows the normal level
-eGFR is below 60 shows kidney damage
-eGFR is 15 or below shows kidney failure.
-Blood pressure tests
-Urine albumin tests

The reduction of high blood pressure to low blood pressure is a better way to get rid of kidney diseases due to high blood pressure.There are some steps in order to maintain the blood pressure at an optimum level.They eat healthy, physical activity, healthy weight for a healthy body, quit smoking and manage stress.
By analysing such a great cause of kidney disease, we could eventually conclude that by diagnosing the small symptoms of kidney diseases they could be better prevented.Keeping attention on the small symptoms of the body could prevent such a huge killing disease.Once get affected by such a disease it is always good to take better prevention measures.

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