Pneumonia- Symptoms, Causes,Risk Factors,Treatment


Basically, pneumonia is a lung infection. It could make you sick. Frequent coughs, fever and breathing difficulty are the basic symptoms of pneumonia. Pneumonia could be treated usually at home itself. It lasts only up to 2 to 3 weeks. People with old ages, diseases and babies could become ill due to pneumonia. This need to be treated in hospital. Pneumonia could be affected from anywhere such as at school or work. Such a disease is known as community-associated pneumonia. You could also be affected when you are in a hospital or a nursing home. Such a disease is called healthcare-associated pneumonia. It may get worse as you are already diseased.


Bacteria or viruses are the main causes of pneumonia.

Pneumonia gets affected when you inhale the germs into your lungs. After suffering from cold or flu you are more vulnerable to pneumonia. Cold and flu could make your lungs difficult to fight against diseases so pneumonia is easily affected. Patients with long-term or chronic diseases like asthma, cancer, heart disease or diabetes easily get affected by pneumonia.

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Cough, fever, breathing difficulty are some symptoms of pneumonia. Sometimes cough may be the worst. Cough mucus may be rusty or green or tinged with blood. Short of breath is experienced. Fast breathing is another important symptom of pneumonia. Chills which are intense which lead to shaking and ‘teeth-chattering’ form. While coughing or breathing in could eventually lead you to worse chest pains. Fast heartbeats are a symptom. Tired feeling or weak feel. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea are the other symptoms of pneumonia.

If you are experiencing mild symptoms, it is termed as ”walking pneumonia” by doctors.

Aged adults may experience milder symptoms of pneumonia.They do not experience fever. Such people don’t have mucus but have intense coughs. In aged adults their thinking capability decreases, this is the main symptom among adults. Confusion or delirium is also seen. If one is experiencing any other lung disease, the condition would become worsened. Symptoms of viruses and bacteria are the same. But these symptoms only come slowly.

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-Smoking: In healthy young individuals, cigarette smoking is the strongest risk factor.

-Other lung diseases: Suffering from other lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma could increase your risk of getting pneumonia.

-Age: Babys younger than one-year-old and adults elder than sixty-five years are more affected.

-An impaired immune system could increase the risk of getting pneumonia.

-Consumption of certain medicines such as proton pump inhibitor or Prilosec or Protonix which helps in reducing the amount of stomach acid.

-Alcoholism increases your risk of getting pneumonia.

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Consumption of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor could reduce pneumonia to a certain extent. Such a treatment method could reduce pneumonia caused by bacteria. The antibiotics should be consumed as prescribed by the doctor. Never stop the medicine even when you feel good within the course of consumption. The course completion of antibiotics is necessary for the complete cure of pneumonia.

Usually, during the diseased period, you may feel very sick. But the medicine consumption could make you feel better. Consult the doctor if you are not feeling better even after 2 or 3 days of antibiotics consumption. Worse conditions are to be consulted by the doctor.

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