Emergency Department

At Malabar Hospitals we have a dedicated complete emergency service department functioning 24 * 7 to meet all medical & surgical emergencies. We have on board excellent emergency medical physicians and experienced & friendly nursing staff. Malabar Hospitals emergency department is also equipped with most advanced diagnostic services & we provide complete life saving care. If an ambulance is needed, you can give a ring to our 24*7 helpline number.
At Malabar Hospitals emergency department we diagnose & provide treatment & care for acute as well as who needs immediate medical attention. the cases are prioritized based on clinical need which is called “TRIAGE”. It is the first phase in which each patient goes through & undergoes assessment. We have a well fledged TRIAGE & staff assigned to perform just the TRIAGE role.
After assessment at the TRIAGE, patients are transferred to the respective departments depending on the waiting time & clinical requirement. The patients who need emergency care will be transferred to the resuscitation area. Resuscitation cases will be dealt by the professionals depending upon the skill mix which is required.
Our physicians at the emergency department not only visits patients in wards but also does provide emergency care & procedures in required departments as well.


24hr HELPLINE NUMBER: 9745323232|7561010101