Department of cardiology at Malabar Hospitals is geared up to provide 24*7 service. Our team of experienced doctors, senior consultants, dedicated & trained nurses & technicians take care of all our patients with heart disease. At MALABAR HOSPITALS we have a state of the art cardiac ICU & a fully equipped critical care unit & we provide a very quick service. Emergency care is given to patients with a heart attack or heart disease which requires immediate medical attention. Comprehensive care is provided to patients after admission & specialist care is given at cardiology ward by trained consultants & nurses. our cardiology provides non-invasive diagnostic procedures.
The department of cardiology at Malabar Hospitals is dedicated to provide the quality care for you & our consultants and nurses make your well-being their top priority.

Pediatric Cardiology

Our team of cardiologists at Malabar Hospitals is dedicated in providing full range of cardiac services for infants to adults who are suffering from congenital heart disease or other conditions related to heart. We come across a wide range of infants with congenital & acquired heart diseases. Our team is committed to your well-being, both physical & mental needs.
At Malabar Hospitals, we promise to make your experience comfortable & pleasant as possible.
Our consultants work as a team & develop a comprehensive care plan for your infant keeping in account of his/her health condition.

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