Lung Cancer: Causes, Symptoms &Cure


Lung cancer as its name suggests are affected to the Lungs. Lungs are the main respiratory organ. Thus the causative agents could be obviously be those inhaled.


Smoking is the main cause of getting lung cancer. Among them, tobacco smoking is more dangerous. Around 90% of all lung cancers are reported to be because of tobacco smoking. Usually, tobacco contains about 4000 chemicals and of which 60 are found to be carcinogenic. Among which nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are the ones which are more toxic. Risk of cancer could be reduced by ceasing smoking. Radon, asbestos, some metals ( cadmium, chromium, arsenic), diesel engine exhausts, radiations, chemicals in paint and certain diseases that affect the microscopic appearance of cancer cells are some other causes. 20% of all cancer diseases are due to SCLC, among which NCLC is the common type.

Cancer treatment, oncology hospital in calicutSYMPTOMS:

There are certain symptoms of lung cancer. Persisting and intense coughs. Unrelated to pain from coughing, some people may get pain in the chest, shoulder, back. A colour or volume change in the sputum. Breathing shortness. Voice changes or hoarse sounds. With each breath, harsh sounds are heard. Bronchitis or pneumonia and other lung problems occur frequently. Coughing occurs along with blood mixed with mucus or phlegm. Also coughing up with blood is also a symptom.



Type of cancer determines which kind of treatment method is used. Different treatment methods include surgical removal of affected tissues, radiation and chemotherapy, also the combination of both. Surgery is best effective when cancer has not affected the other parts of the body beyond lungs. Using high energy X-rays or other radiations, radiation therapy is done. Chemicals which kills the rapidly growing cells are used in chemotherapy. Cancerous cells are rapidly growing ones. But these growths are at the expense of other normal cells which do normal activities. In chemotherapy treatment is done by giving pills. Also, intravenous methods are there in chemotherapy. Fatigue, weight loss, hair loss, mouth sores, nausea and vomiting are some side effects of chemotherapic treatment method.

As though treatment is done without any interruption, cancer could not be completely avoided. Modern science could not find a complete cure for cancer. By remembering the saying, prevention is always the best cure. Smoking should be avoided. Also, carcinogens should be handled with care.

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